Multi-tasking myself to sick

Multi-tasking myself to sick

So…I have been blissfully engaged for 47 days and now that I’m back to work and trying to plan our nuptials remotely, I’m losing my f*cking mind. We picked a date pretty quickly so that helped to order our Save the Date cards which couldn’t be shipped to my APO and instead to my mother who will then ship them overseas. Expat frustrations…I’ve had my dress picked out for a while, my Vera Wang Gemma, and I ordered my something blue Manolo Blahnik navy satin jeweled flats. Luckily they ship to my APO but I’m slightly worried about that much wedding investment crossing oceans. Just another reason I’m stressed. But now I can’t decide if I want the heels instead of the flats because they’re just so freaking gorgeous. But then my Love and I would have a Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman issue on our hands.


I’ve ordered these lovely fur wraps as favors for the women, the left one is mine and the right one will be for everyone else. The company will even stitch silk labels onto them with our name and wedding date. That was an easy decision. And the men will receive engraved flasks with our name and wedding date (already filled of course).


My biggest headache is finding the venue. We want a rooftop ceremony with a great NYC skyline view, small enough for a group between 50-60 and space for a dinner and reception. Nearly every venue I’ve contacted is either already booked that day or quoted me $30,000 for just the use of space. We make good money but daaaaamn. At least I have 9 months on that one. But I can’t order invitations without having a venue. Another stress level.

Planning the wedding would be so much simpler if I didn’t have a full-time job in Afghanistan, had access to vendors and venues, had more than 4 free hours a day, wasn’t trying to complete two bachelors, teach myself the basics of coding and web design and to add crazy on crazy, starting up my own business. How am I supposed to make it to the gym everyday, read my one book a week, schoolwork, love on my dog, love on my man, maintain my hair, skin and nails in this shitty atmosphere, keep my wedding planner binder up to date, find décor ideas, go home every 8 weeks to get my tattoos zapped off, and remember to drink 10 bottles of water a day? I’m spreading thin and it’s only been 47 days…