30% of the world’s population has tattoos and the current population is 7 billion people. That’s a lot of ink! But how many people regret getting their tattoo(s)? I’m definitely one of them! I regret getting all 4 of mine to be exact. At the time I got them I was going through a rebel bad girl phase that was partly brought on by the current job I had in Afghanistan. Guns, danger and tattoos go hand in hand and I just kept the ink rolling for a few years. Now that I’ve come up for air, cleared my head and realized that I don’t like the way I look wearing my traditional little black lace dresses with massive tattoos on my leg and arm. So I’ve been obliterating them from my body for the last several months through laser removals. Two words. Pain train.  My first session was at an esthetic clinic in Praha 1 and I wasn’t happy with them. I started with my forearm tattoo and they didn’t want to zap it all at once but had me come back once a week for three weeks. It’s not a huge tattoo and I think they didn’t have a lot of experience in tattoo removals. I’ve since found my forever clinic at BeautyPro Studio and they are incredible affordable, very professional and all of their technicians are certified masters on their laser (Q-Switched Nd Yag). I just went in for my fourth session on my forearm tattoo and my first session on my left ribcage tattoo. In two weeks I will go in for my first session on my hip and two weeks after for my first on my leg. And my Love had his first session on my forearm while he was home on break in October and the next day the results were amazing. Unfortunately my tattoos are about a decade newer and better quality (sorry Love!) so they’re taking a little more zaps to remove but overall I’m still happy with the results. I wish I could post videos of the laser in progress but because of the high intensity the technician hasn’t allowed me to take video or photos during. They would probably be filled with F-bombs anyway. But I do have several photos of this last session posted below and I will keep adding more as each session is completed on ALL of these bastards.


This is my first tattoo, circa 2012. Luckily it was just gray ink and shaded so the clinic thinks I will only need 2-3 sessions. The photo is about 6 hours after the treatment, red and slightly swollen but still not as bad as my arm sessions. The photo below is of the tattoo 2 weeks later. Definite fading but I won’t go back for the next session for another 4 weeks.


Fair warning! My forearm photos are gnarly! It always bleeds and gets crazy swollen. This is my fifth session and I kinda screwed myself for two of those. My arm was healing (superficially) by 4 weeks after the sessions so I was going in every month for 3 sessions but I noticed that they hurt a lot more and I wasn’t seeing very good fading in between. When I went in for my third session the technician told me I should really wait 8 weeks in between to allow my body to really purge all the ink and let my skin tissue fully heal. So I waited 3 months this time (was traveling a lot and missed my 8 week mark) and I also had her increase the intensity of the laser (she doubled!). I’m praying I see even better results and fingers crossed it’s gone by summer. So with the doubled intensity I was hurting…and the aftercare was even more important because of the increased risk of infections.


The morning after..not pretty.


One week later, no longer bandaged and I’m already seeing some fading. God I love progress…Next session is on my hip next week. Sigh.


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