It’s another beauty junkie day! I love and loathe these days, I love getting treatments and improving my skin but I’m such a baby when it comes to pain. Today I’m having a second (and hopefully last) Co2 laser treatment to remove a mole on my nose, laser rejuvenation on my face (second step following a chemical peel two weeks ago), and a second session of radiofrequency micro-needling of stretch marks on my arse. Neither of these conjure up the tranquil spa feel as if I were getting a two hour massage or soaking in a mud bath but they’re still a necessary evil. All in the name of beauty!

Honestly, I really don’t think my Love comprehends what all goes into keeping up with this body. I’ll tell him I had this done or that done today and he responds with something like “Why? You have great skin.” Well of course I do Sherlock, because I get these treatments done..Boys think we wake up looking like this still.

So I found my forever dermatology clinic in Praha 4,BcD Clinic and I’ve been over the moon with them. Dr. Begerova is phenomenal and has an excellent and warm bedside manner, which is lacking with most Czech doctors, but that’s another post…I first found the clinic when I was obsessively googling how to reduce stretch marks and knew that topical creams just weren’t going to cut it anymore. Now mine aren’t earth shattering but like every other woman in the world they’re enough to make me self-conscious naked. I had read an article about the effects of radiofrequency micro-needling for stretch marks and decided to give it a try. It’s basically a micro-needle machine that pricks your skin deep enough to “damage” the tissue in which your body will produce and send collagen to the affected area to repair. Sounds simple enough and no witchy woo creams promising miracles!

My first session was a little uncomfortable just because I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been in some interesting situations and positions at salons and spas (hello arse wax!) and this was no different. I had numbing cream applied to my butt cheeks and sat for 45 minutes then laid on a table for 20 minutes while the technician proceeded to obliterate my stretch marks. I wouldn’t say the procedure is pleasant nor unpleasant. The machine definitely causes some pain but it’s more aggravating than bringing me to tears. So I’ve had 2 sessions and will go for a third in a few weeks but I already see an improvement after the first. According to Dr. Bergerova I should need 3-4 to see a drastic improvement in mine, fingers crossed.

After the needle slaughter of my butt cheeks I then had my laser rejuvenation. This was the first time I’ve ever had this done so I had no idea what to expect. Since turning the dirty 30 this summer I’ve become obsessed with anti-aging (and becoming an immortal vampire) so I’ve seriously stepped up my skincare game. Two weeks ago I had my first light chemical peel and the good doctor suggested a rejuvenation as a two-step procedure. Of course I said! I can honestly say that was the most painful procedure to date I’ve ever had on my face. It felt like a mini-sandblaster was attacking me, a hot sandblaster. She did three passes over my face then applied a soothing cream and told me to come in for another one in 3 weeks. I almost cried. The shit I put myself through sometimes..

My skin felt super tight on the way home, and yesterdays 20F didn’t help but as soon as I slathered my Embryolisse moisturizer and poured a glass of wine I felt better.


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